Outbound Workshops

We can bring the magic of puppetry to your school, library or event with a puppetry workshop

Our School of Puppetry workshops will spark the imagination of children of all ages.

The program enables you to choose a workshop type that suits your group or event needs, as well as allowing the possibility of lengthier artist-in-residence programs.

Workshop tutors are all professional performers or designers and have been trained to present workshops that will have children brainstorming, creating, making and performing. School of Puppetry workshops are a potent vehicle for arts education, meeting design and technology outcomes and they can be tailored to meet the needs of both primary and secondary students.

We can bring our workshops to you or you can come to us!


To make a booking, contact admin@sppt.asn.au.

Festivals and Event Workshops

Puppet making workshops can be a great hands-on activity to be enjoyed by children and their families. We are able to run free-flow workshops that can be tailored to your event and the best part is the children get to take home their puppet as a memento. To learn more about our Festival and Event entertainment options, click here.

Bare-Hand Puppetry Workshop

Wriggle your fingers and flex your thumbs, you are about to take your hands on an adventure like they’ve never experienced before! Around every corner, behind each nook and cranny, there is a story to be told – and a hand who will be the perfect storyteller. When you look around what do you see? A lamp? A leaf? Your everyday surroundings aren’t always as they seem! Join us for our new online offering, The Bare-Hand Puppetry Workshop and you will never look at your surroundings the same way again.

This exciting live online workshop combines a 20-minute film followed by a 60-minute hands-on, interactive workshop facilitated by a professional puppeteer designed to stimulate creative play, for children aged 6 and above. A device with a webcam and internet access are the only requirements to join the fun.

Schools and Library Workshops


Junk Puppets workshop

Junk Puppets

Utilising recycled materials along with wire, glue, drills, saws, hammers and loads of imagination, children create fantastical creature puppets from junk. Combining problem solving skills, technology and construction principals of puppetry design.

Suitable for children aged 9 and above.



Hand puppets workshop

Hand Puppets

Our most popular workshop, creative and perfectly suited for young children aged 4 and above. Children will be creating their own puppet characters using a range of soft fabric materials and the difficulty level of the workshop can be adapted for different age ranges.

Suitable for children aged 4 and above



Paper puppets workshop

Paper Puppets

A simple puppet making experience that encourages children to explore how everyday materials like paper can be transformed into living, breathing puppets. Manipulation and story telling form a greater component of this workshop encouraging literacy and critical and creative thinking.

Suitable for children aged 7 and above.




Performing With Puppets

Acting, story creation, puppet manipulation and play. This workshop introduces children to performance skills through improvisation and storytelling and is a great addition to a puppet making workshop or enjoy using our professionally made collection of puppets.




Introduction to puppetry

Introduction to Puppets

A Puppetry Presentation for large groups, with interactive demonstrations and intriguing insights into the wonderful world of puppets and puppetry techniques. Marionettes, Bunraku, hand, rod body puppets and many more will be brought to life for your group.  40+ students, Running Time: 1hr.