Tales from Outer Suburbia

First Performance September 28th 2013

Adapted from the book by Shaun Tan

Tales from Outer Suburbia is a curiously fun celebration of the magic that happens in the most familiar places.

Be taken on a journey of discovery through your own backyard where you might just see a peanut-sized, pantry-dwelling creature, a massive wise buffalo on a vacant block or a row-boat floating magically through the streets.

With a lively and imaginative mix of real-time animation, projection, miniature marionettes, gigantic rod puppets and playful performers this world premiere season will capture hearts, minds and imaginations across generations.

Presented in partnership with Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

Special thanks to Eleonora Barcellona, Lisa Bonobo, Umberto Margio and Olivia Tartaglia

Thanks to AstroDeck and Douglas Hi-Fi for their contribution to Tales From Outer Suburbia.

Philip Mitchell
Sohan Ariel Hayes
Lee Buddle
Lighting Designer
Karen Cook
Puppet Construction
Chloe Flockart, Sanjiva Margio, Ben Gates
Production Manager
Karen Cook
Adapting Writer
Michael Barlow
Production Assistant
Alex Dick Citadel
Construction & Stop Frame Animation
Pierce Davison
Creative Development
Jacob Lehrer, Brian Woltjen
Production & Technical Support
Sue Italiano, Roly Skender

2013 Premiere Season, Fremantle


Imanuel Dado

Chloe Flockart

Humphrey Bower

Bec Bradley

Reviews & Media

"...a lively and imaginative mix of projection, miniature marionettes, gigantic rod puppets and real time animation thanks to some well hidden closed circuit cameras"


"It’s exciting, wonder-making and emotionally powerful."

The West Australian

"An artistic delight for all ages as well as exceptional school holiday entertainment."