First Performance October 2nd, 2012

Based on a true story from Japan, Hachikō is a theatrical celebration of the remarkable joy and companionship that an animal can bring to our lives.

The story explores themes such as loyalty, resilience and change, and teaches students that change is normal and can be a valuable part of life.

The puppetry is inspiring and inventive – it will become a springboard for classroom discussion and activity. Worlds of cardboard, paper and play transport us into cardboard cities, paper people and tell the stories of the inspiration one dog gave to many people all over the world.

Philip Mitchell
Ian Sinclair
Matt McVeigh
Lee Buddle
Lighting Designer
Karen Cook
Bec Bradley

2012 Awesome Arts Festival

2012 Regional Tour

2013 Regional Arts Victoria Tour

2013 Regional Schools Tour

2014 Fremantle Season

2016 CircuitWest Regional Venues Tour

2016 Regional Schools Tour

2012-14 Performers

Jessica Harlond-Kenny

St John Cowcher

2016 Performers

Barnaby Pollock

Sean Guastavino

Reviews & Media

"Thoughtfully devised and beautifully presented work from Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, an offering for all members of the family to enjoy and discuss"

Nerida Dickinson,ArtsHub

"The main puppet of the show was the loveable dog, Hachiko. He was made of cardboard, but he came to life on stage with wagging tail and all. In only an instant we forgot he was not real, and we fell in love with him."

Alisha, Buggy Buddies

"Hachikō is a thoughtfully devised and beautifully presented work"


"To find yourself shedding a quiet tear over a plain brown cardboard dog quivering with grief is a curious thing."

The West Australian