First Performance September 12th 2005

Adapted from the book by Tim Winton

This moving Western Australian story captures the mystery of the sea and majesty of the old fish Abel calls “Blueback”. It is Abel’s journey from inquisitive boy to a man prepared to stand up for what he loves and believes in.

Blueback is full of underwater imagery and exquisite puppetry, an extraordinary celebration of the West Australian coastline from one of WA’s most beloved authors.

Originally produced by Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Philip Mitchell
Adapting Writer
Peta Murray
Hanna Parssinen
Don Hopkins

2005 Premiere Season

2008 Regional Schools Tour

2009 Regional Schools Tour

2010 Regional Schools Tour

2011 Return Season, Fremantle

2012 Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

2015 Return season, Fremantle

2015 Regional Schools Tour

2015 Performers

St John Cowcher

Bec Bradley

2011-2012 Performers

Michael Barlow

Sarah Nelson