Beanstalk – Written by Sam Longley

Ok Groundlers, it’s time to get out of the house, get down to the puppet theatre and laugh your cheeks off with Brian the cloud Giant, in his cloud kitchen full of delicious treats and awe-inspiring stories. Seriously you will never look at fruit and veggies the same way again!

Do we really know what happened that day the Groundler Jack turned up unannounced in Brian’s cloud making kitchen? Was it a grim fee-fi-fo-fum bone crunching horror story? Or a clear case of giant as a victim of a horrible crime, maybe several crimes? Who knows?

Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do? Picked on because of the way you looked? Well Brian has, and he has had enough. He needs you to get into that train, bus or car (or even walk) and get down to Spare Parts to hear and see his story so you can decide! Oh, and bring all your friends and family so they don’t miss out on the funniest puppet show ever!


  • Monday 11 January, 1pm (SOLD OUT)
  • Tuesday 12 January, 10am & 1pm (Relaxed show 10am session – 1pm SOLD OUT)
  • Wednesday 13 January, 10am & 1pm (1pm SOLD OUT)
  • Thursday 14 January, 10am & 1pm (Adopt A Puppet Parent Event 1pm)
  • Friday 15 January, 10am, 1pm & 6:30pm (Auslan interpretation 1pm)
  • Saturday 16 January, 10am & 1pm
  • Monday 18 January, 10am & 1pm
  • Tuesday 19 January, 10am & 1pm 
  • Wednesday 20 January, 10am & 1pm
  • Thursday 21 January, 10am & 1pm (10am and 1pm SOLD OUT)
  • Friday 22 January, 10am & 1pm
  • Saturday 23 January, 10am & 1pm
  • Monday 25 January, 10am & 1pm
  • Wednesday 27 January, 10am & 1pm
  • Thursday 28  January, 10am & 1pm
  • Friday 29 January, 10am, 1pm & 6:30pm 
  • Saturday 30 January, 10am & 1pm

Relaxed show:
Tuesday 12 Jan, 10am

Auslan interpretation:
Friday 15 Jan, 1pm

Adopt a Puppet Parent Event:
Thursday 14 Jan, 1pm. Adopt a Puppet Parents are invited to special behind the scenes tour after the show


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, 1 Short Street Fremantle (opposite the Fremantle Train Station)



Writer: Sam Longley

Performer: Sam Longley

Director: Philip Mitchell

Designer: Bryan Woltjen

Composer:  Lee Buddle

Lighting Designer:  Kristie Smith

Costume: Nora Stelter

Puppet Maker: Jackson Harrison

Production Manager: Jackson Harrison

Sets Electrics: Steve Berrick

Stage Manager: Megan Fitzgerald


Due to limited capacity we are unable to host a Nan’s and Pop’s day for this season.

Perfect for ages 5+