Hachikō: Creative Learning at Home!

Based on a true story from Japan, Hachikō is a theatrical celebration of the remarkable joy and companionship that an animal can bring to our lives, and a perfect family outing. Simplicity, beauty and gentle poetic storytelling in this carefully crafted Spare Parts production ensure both children and adults alike will be drawn into the true story of a dog that waited at a Tokyo train station every day for nine years for his master to return.

The production is humorous and playful, with cartoon sensibilities combined with inventive uses of paper, cardboard and unfolding paper worlds: with a few folds of origami puppetry to delight the creative mind! The puppetry is inspiring and inventive – it will become a springboard for discussion and activity. Worlds of cardboard, paper and play transport us into cardboard cities and paper people and tell the stories of the inspiration one dog gave to people all over the world.

Whether it is of our favourite pet, a relative, a friend, a grandparent or even a famous person we have never personally met – it is essential for the emotional development of young people to be able to talk about death.

The deaths in the story are presented with sensitivity and beauty. We hope the story gives children opportunities to talk about what they see; about the change in seasons; and pets that may have died; and to develop their understanding of grief and loss.


Our Creative Learning Notes can be found HERE.