World premiere of The Last Numbat at South Perth Sounds Concert

The annual South Perth Sounds Concert will return to the picturesque South Perth Foreshore on Saturday 22 February 2020 and will kick off from 4pm with an Australian premier of ‘The Last Numbat’ by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, children’s activities and gourmet food trucks.

The Last Numbat is a new large-scale, interactive, sculptural installation. Suspended from a five-metre high truss, the large-scale marionette is controlled by ropes on two sides by up to twelve people at a time, who together bring the puppet to life. Chosen audience members will help bring the large-scale story to life by interacting with the puppet with props and through retelling of a story. This work explores concepts of connection, community, communication and teamwork. Four performers will manipulate this puppet, engage festival goers, offer guidance to participants, and work together as a team.

The Last Numbat
Commissioned by the City of South Perth

Designed by Leon Hendroff
Written by Philip Mitchell
Composition by Lee Buddle
Construction by Leon Hendroff, Julie Reeves, Jackson Harrison

Please visit  City of South Perth website for more information, by heading HERE.