Stage Whispers Review: “A great story – presented with love, care and some theatrical magic.”

The Farmer’s Daughter // Stage Whispers

Review by Kimberley Shaw

“A great story – presented with love, care and some theatrical magic.”

Inspired by real-life stories of rural Australia, The Farmer’s Daughter is the story of a young girl and her relationship with her grandfather, set against the constant struggle of people against the land.

A beautifully presented piece with four on-stage performers, the puppetry in this show is non-traditional and includes large scale set pieces, shadow puppetry, sand art, prop manipulation and movement.

The title character, played by Daisy Coyle, is the only character with dialogue – most of which is a two-way radio conversation with her unseen grandfather (lovely voice work from an uncredited Humphrey Bower). The only actor who is new to the production (this is a revival production), Daisy Coyle gives a captivating performance that blends child-like naivety and enthusiasm with a highly nuanced, mature performance.

Rebecca Bradley and St John Cowcher played the parents – with excellent teamwork between the nicely established ‘family’ of three. The final character is played by Ruth Battle who provides a spiritual presence, an indigenous observation and plays animals and the elements. Her portrayal of the kangaroo is a highlight.

The Farmer’s Daughter is an inspiring look at the struggles of rural life, a wonderful example of physical theatre, and features a plucky and strong young female in the central role. Spare Parts recommend this show for Year 3 and above, but I feel it would resonate most with Year 5 and above – with lots of interest for adults. A great story – presented with love, care and some theatrical magic.

The Farmer’s Daughter

DATE: June 30 – July 20  2018 | 10am & 1pm daily (except Sundays and public holidays) plus special 6:30pm sessions on July 18 &19

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