Meet performer Jessica Harlond-Kenny from Hachiko


Where are you from?

Born on a farm outside Canberra, but grew up beside the WA ocean.

What character do you play in Hachiko?

Lots! Hachiko, the gardener, the student, a building head… sometimes Sean and I help manipulate the set together or operate one another’s puppets.

jessica-h-k-copyWhy did you want to become a performer?

I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to be everything so I decided to stay versatile. I didn’t want to stop playing. I wanted to work in a space that would encourage me to feel and think.

Who inspires you?

My fellow artists and my family.Other artists because it’s wonderful to see creativity from another mind. And my family because despite everything they always abound with love.

Did you have pets growing up?

Yes, Jersey cow (who wasn’t a Jersey), brown cow (who was brown), beautiful Jilly dog (a spotty kelpie mutt and our little family doggy matriarch), Fang the Russian white and Vaska the Russian blue, and of course lovely little Bailee dog.

Do you have an extraordinary story of an animal to share?

Just lots of memories filled with love and trust.

If I wanted to become a performer what advice would you give me?

1. Don’t be afraid to fail! Sometimes failure breeds the most beautiful mistakes. “Failing” can often open the door to a new idea you may have never thought of. Watch lots!

2. Watch the world, watch theatre, watch nature, listen to how people speak to each other, watch their body language.

3. Find a mentor, someone who can encourage you, who can vouch for you and who can challenge you to do better.



Catch Jessica in Hachiko these school holidays from April 8 – 22, 10am or 1pm daily, plus a special performance April 12. Click here to book your tickets!