Fremantle Community Bank® Branch supports Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is delighted to announce that Fremantle Community Bank® Branch will be supporting the company’s, innovative and popular program, Nan and Pops Big Day Out, during the January season of The Velveteen Rabbit.


Nan and Pops Big Day Out will occur on January 5 and 19, at the 10am performances of the company’s highly acclaimed stage adaptation of the classic tale of The Velveteen Rabbit.


Through the Fremantle Community Bank® Branch partnership every grandparent who books a ticket for their grandchild will receive a complementary ticket to the performance. Following the show all grandparents and grandchildren are invited to a complimentary morning tea.

Spare Parts is dedicated to developing and sharing meaningful stories across all generations, through the art form of puppetry.

The Artistic Director of Spare Parts, Philip Mitchell said, that the company was very excited that Fremantle Community Bank® Branch believed in such a valuable and important community program. “The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is very special. The Nan and Pop’s big day out event creates a wonderful opportunity to share quality time, experiences and memories between all members of the family,” he said. “The Velveteen Rabbit is the perfect show for sharing the special memories of childhood, one that the whole family can relate to because we are all young at heart”.


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and Fremantle Community Bank® Branch look forward to working together to ensure the continued growth and development of the Spare Parts vision and to assist in entertaining future generations both locally in Fremantle and further afield. Spare Parts has been operating in Fremantle for over 35 years and is thrilled to be partnering with a community based company such has Fremantle Community Bank® Branch.


The Velveteen Rabbit is an enchanting tale of the relationship between a child and his toy rabbit. To others he’s just an old toy, but to the boy the rabbit is real – and so the scene is set for a story of great emotional power. Anybody who has had a favourite toy will be enchanted by the beloved classic.


Tickets for the Fremantle Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank, Nan and Pops Big Day Out event and The Velveteen Rabbit can purchased by contacting Georgina on 9335 5044 or emailing admin@sppt.asn.au.