Holiday Workshops

A unique insight into the world of puppetry

“Today was Michaela’s third workshop. We keep coming back because I can see how her previous experiences have tapped into her creativity… Every child who comes to our place for a playdate gets taught how to make a puppet.”  – Parent

Fun, engaging and creative
Our School of Puppetry Holiday Workshops are a fun and inspiring way to encourage the development of creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills. Workshop tutors are dedicated and enthusiastic professional performers or designers and have been trained to present workshops that will have children brainstorming, creating, making and performing.

School Holiday Workshops are held each school holidays in our dedicated workshop space at Spare Part Puppet Theatre, perfect for children ages 4 – 12. Workshop cost includes a free ticket to the current performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

As a company with a proud history of working with children and families, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children. Everyone at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, is responsible for the care and protection of children.

Do I stay with my child throughout the day?
Parents/guardians do not attend the workshop with their child but are required to sign them in and out for drop off and pick up. Adults are welcome to purchase tickets to the 1pm performance and experience it with their child.

How many children will be participating?
The maximum number of children in a workshop is twenty, though numbers may vary. Children wear aprons while in the workshop space and high-vis vests when outside the studio space so that they are easily identifiable by our tutors and staff.

How many tutors are running the workshop?
There is a ratio of 1 tutor for every 10 children as well as a volunteer to help supervise. All tutors and volunteers have Working With Children checks and wear Spare Parts Puppet Theatre t-shirts so they are easily identifiable by you and your child.

If you have any other questions please contact our Operations Officer on 9335 5044 or