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Puppetry for Adults: Object Theatre Workshop Series

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre company associate Jessica Harlond-Kenny (The Hardest Way to Make an Omelette, See Ya Sailor Man) will run a series of three object theatre workshops aimed at opening your imagination, hoaning your puppetry and performance skills and experiencing new models to create work.

The workshops can be taken individually or as a series, for your benefit we suggest taking all three as they will build upon one another.

Single Workshop $85.00; Book Here

Full Series (Three Workshops) $210.00; Book Here

Workshop One: Discovering Object theatre.

Sunday 26 October, 11-2pm

How do we bring life to the inanimate and why?

In this workshop we will touch on the basic principles of puppetry, discover the importance of this art form and begin to see how it can help us to communicate. Get hands on! Learn the differences in puppetry forms and explore how you can co-exist as puppeteer and performer.

Where: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, 1 Short Street, Fremantle

Workshop 2: Unlocking and interpreting the object.

Sunday 2 November, 11-2pm – SOLD OUT

What makes a good puppet within object theatre?

There’s a lot that goes into matching an object with a story; with so much culture and domestic use wrapped around objects it can become hard to see the potential they hold. Unlock your own imagination and see how useful play can be in writing, performance and devising for theatre.

Where: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, 1 Short Street, Fremantle

Workshop 3: Performance through object theatre.

Sunday 9 November, 11-2pm – Limited places available –

How can we use object theatre to enhance our storytelling?

Let’s put it all into action. In this workshop we will approach a story through the form of object theatre. Bring your own writing or a short story that you would like to explore. This workshop allows you to apply the skills and techniques learnt in workshop 1 and 2, to create your own work or as a stand alone workshop that addresses approaching text from a new angle.

Where: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, 1 Short Street, Fremantle
Price: Single Workshop $85.00; Book Here

FirstHand Emergent Puppetry Training Program

FirstHand offers a year long puppetry training program in which the artists have practical opportunities to work as an ensemble as part of the company. Founded in February 2010 in partnership with Edith Cowan University’s Centre for Research Education Arts Technology Entertainment and Culture (CREATEC) and supported by The Ian Potter Foundation, FirstHand is designed to transition graduates and emerging artists into professional puppetry artists.

The program is currently under redevelopment and will be relaunched early in 2015.

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