Roald Dahl's
The Twits

  • Wheatbelt/Goldfields 31 July – 25 August, Peel/South–West/Great Southern 28 August – 15 September, Midwest/Gascoyne October 16 - 3 November

  • 50 Minutes + 10 Minutes Q&A

  • Suitable for PP+

  • $7 per student (minimum charge $275) & see Midwest & Gascoyne expression of interest form for further subsidised prices

Go For 2&5 Regional Schools Touring Program 

Roald Dahl’s The Twits is a comedy of rebellion and justice in which Muggle-Wump the monkey races to outwit Mr and Mrs Twit, two of the most terrible and disgusting people ever to have lived. Playfulness and tricks are more successful than following the rules in this classic Roald Dahl story, making it fantastically well suited to the grotesque world of puppet theatre.

The perfect show for encouraging students to reflect on their treatment of others. Roald Dahl’s The Twits will be touring to regional and remote schools as part of our Go for 2&5 Regional Schools Tour in term 2, 3 & 4.

Curriculum links:

The Arts, English, Personal and Social Capabilities, English, Literacy, Ethical Understanding, Cultural Understanding

Thanks to Horizon Power in 2017 we are able to extend our Go for 2&5 Regional Schools Touring Program to the Midwest and Gascoyne and offer further subsidised ticket prices for this region. To find out more call Emily on 9335 5044.

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Suitable for PP+

Michael Barlow
Humphrey Bower and Michael Barlow
Assistant Director
Sam Longley
Leon Hendroff
Sound Consultant
Lee Buddle
Rhiannon Petersen

Jessica Harlond-Kenny

Geordie Crawley