Out of the Blue

First Performance 2002

Best mates, Tweak and Lester, live a perfect life on ‘Blue’ – a world of magic, secret places and surprising creatures – a world where everything has its place and not much ever changes. That is until out of the blue, Riff arrives. This mysterious stranger begins to question and twist the rules. She creates all sorts of strife for the boys and disturbs the harmony of their blue, blue world.

Tweak and Lester embark on an epic adventure to save Blue, and in doing so come to the realization that the only constant thing in life is change.

Out of the Blue is a madcap look at life and friendship!

Philip Mitchell
Heather Nimmo
Zoe Atkinson and Jiri Zmitko
Lee Buddle
Puppet Construction
Jiri Bares (Drak Theatre, Czech Republic)
Set Construction
Jiri Zmitko

2002 Premiere Season, Fremantle


Michael Barlow

Simon Clarke

Robert Griffen

Rachael Whitworth