Adapted from Tessa Duder's book

Large scale versions and adaptations of Tessa Duder’s book by the same name.

A musical fantasy for children, about Geraldine whose dream is to become a conductor of an orchestra. Jellybean is an inspirational play celebrating the courage and vision of a child with an ambitious dream.

Brought to life by a myriad of unique puppets, Jellybean is an uplifting blend of puppetry and music which will delight children of all ages.

Peter Wilson & Noriko Nishimoto
Peter Wilson
Tish Oldham

1994 Premiere Season

1994 Regional Tour (Geraldton, Esperance, Albany, Bunbury, Merredin, Kalgoorlie)

1995 Adelaide

1996 Victoria

Reviews & Media

"Jellybean is yet another production where the pieces fit perfectly"

"An uplifiting vision of a child's vision, ambition and courage"