Hare Brain

First Performance 2004

Does fast and furious or slow and steady win the race?

Hare Brain tackles the age old dilemma – does fast and furious or slow and steady win the race? Updated to a fantasy world of toy invention, replete with a gurgling think tank that sparks vacuum cleaners, mops and brushes into a life of their own, Hare Brain tells the tale of Harry and Toulouse who are in a slapstick race against time to find the perfect story that will fit the perfect toy. Who will it be that tells the final tale? Harry, the stressed out marketing guru or Toulouse, the considered, gentle storyteller?

Philip Mitchell
Justin Cheek
Cecile Williams
Lee Buddle
Puppet Construction
Cecile Williams/Jiri Zmitko

2004 Premiere Season

2008 Regional Schools Tour

2011 Return Season, Fremantle

2012 Singapore Tour

2013 Regional Tour


Jessica Harlond-Kenny

Kali Ledger

Original Cast

Simon Clarke

Michael Barlow