Fremantle Festival: The Hardest Way to Make an Omelette

First Performance October 29th 2013

Presented by Cracked Egg Productions

Cracked Egg Productions, in partnership with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, presented The Hardest Way to Make an Omelette, the latest work from Perth-based artist, puppeteer and theatre maker Jessica Harlond-Kenny.

The work is a one-act treat featuring one woman and dozens of raw eggs.

A young woman’s breakfast ritual is interrupted by her body’s sudden ability to produce eggs from all kinds of places. With an army of opinionated eggs rapidly forming around her, she starts to crack under the pressure, until finally a new woman bursts from her shell to reclaim her breakfast and her life.

Employing elements of puppetry and physical theatre, The Hardest Way to Make an Omelette is a comic battle of egg-pic proportions.

Leah Mercer
Jessica Harlond-Kenny
Joe Lui
Gemma Sidney

2013 Fremantle Festival


Jessica Harlond-Kenny