Meet our new Acting Executive Producer and Operations Officer

Two new staff members join us this month – we are thrilled to welcome Jane Mitchell into the Spare Parts family, as she takes the reigns as Acting Executive Producer. Jane will be in the position until late-March, while Megan Roberts takes a brief leave of absence working for the Perth International Arts Festival.


“I’m really happy to be working with the team at Spare Parts. As a long-term admirer of Philip and Michael’s work, I leapt at the opportunity to work with the company and look forward to the next couple of months.  As someone who for many years engaged with Spare Parts via their funding partnership whilst I was at the Department of Culture and the Arts, I’m really enjoying being on the other side.”


Fleur Hardy who left the Spare Parts team in 2015 for adventures in Sweden returns to take on the role of Acting Operations Officer. We are all thrilled to have Fleur back in the theatre.


“I’m excited to be diving back into the world of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, and there couldn’t be a better time for it. There are so many wonderful things coming around this year, it’s great to be part of the happenings.

Fleur will be looking after the School of Puppetry; our 2017 Go for 2 & 5 Regional tour and all bookings for the April season of Hachikō, so feel free to contact Fleur to find out more.


A big warm welcome to both Jane and Fleur!