• Complex and incredibly beautiful, Farm tells its story without flinching

    Photo: Simon Pynt

    26th September 2014

    Spare Parts Puppet Theatre has a penchant for making work that appeals across generations – tackling subject matter that challenges kids and takes them seriously as insightful small humans, while making their parents think and feel too. Farm is a brilliant example of this… more »

  • A story of many parts

    Photo: Simon Pynt

    25th September 2014

    Visit any rural property in the State and you will most likely stumble across the “graveyard”, the final resting place for old utes, tractors, fuel drums, farming equipment and household odds and sods…. more »

  • Theatre tells real rural stories

    Ruth Battle (Rockingham) and Chloe Flockart (Como). Taken by Martin Kennealey

    25th September 2014

    DROUGHT, bushfires and kangaroo plagues are all part of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s new production, Farm…. more »

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Spare Parts Presents

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The Night Zoo || January 2015

Dancing with orangutans, giraffes and penguins were things Jamie only ever did in her dreams! Until the Night Zoo came to visit…

Be reminded of the joy that animals bring to our lives as Jamie goes on a wild night-time adventure with the inhabitants of the Night Zoo.

The animals are brought to life on stage through puppetry, dance, animation and masks offering a special experience for children and adults alike.


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