• A Wonderful Fusion of Puppetry and Dance

    1st October 2015

    When Fox appears on stage in Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, the auditorium almost reeks of the animal’s distinctive scent. A chiselled and handsome red fox head, manipulated by dancer Rachel Arianne Ogle, emerges from the wings, followed by a flowing tail of shot red silk… more »

  • Fox Review: Stage Whispers

    30th September 2015


    Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s Spring School Holiday production is a lovely new show, adapted from the book Fox, by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks…. more »

  • Fox fable a Spare Parts Puppet Theatre hit

    29th September 2015

    THE visually gorgeous creation of Fox is a slight departure from the usual presentations from Spare Parts Puppet Theatre with an emphasis is on dance rather than pure puppetry…. more »

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Fox || 26 Sep - 10 Oct

Adapted from the award winning book by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks

This riveting fable will take you on a journey through scorched scrubland and ochre deserts to discover the meaning of loyalty, companionship and betrayal.

Told through a fusion of puppetry and dance, Fox highlights the constant battle between remaining faithful and falling for temptation, and reminds us that the strength of friendship can give us the courage to get through difficult times.

Fox, Dog and Magpie’s timeless story will leave you with questions that may take a lifetime to answer…


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