• Australian Stage Review: The Little Prince

    10th July 2014

    The Little Prince | Spare Parts Puppet Theatre
    Written by Nerida Dickinson

    A moving puppet adaptation of a classic book, changing the medium without losing its message…. more »

  • Stage Whispers Review: The Little Prince

    10th July 2014

    The Little Prince

    The Little Prince bends on a stripped bare Spare Parts Puppet Theatre stage, with no legs or drapes and the lighting rig, fly lines, back wall and fire extinguisher visible. There is a large wooden crate, centre stage…. more »

  • Adult Puppetry Workshops

    2nd July 2014

    8-week Adult Puppetry Workshop
    Marionette making with Leon Hendroff

    Have you ever thought you might like to try your hand at puppetry? Here is your chance!… more »

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The Little Prince || July

…When you look at the sky at night it will be as if all the stars are laughing.

The Little Prince leaves his tiny planet and begins an adventure that reveals there are things that can only be discovered with the heart.

For more than 70 years this timeless story has brought joy to adults and children alike with its beautiful insights and humour.

Join the Little Prince and discover for yourself that those things which are essential are invisible to the eye.


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