• Xpress Review: Hachiko

    16th April 2014

    Xpress Magazine Online
    [Features – Arts & Culture]
    David O’Connell

    April 15, 4:12pm

    With the Spare Part Puppet Theatre’s production of Hachiko playing over the Easter school holidays, we thought we would catch up with one of the puppeteers, Jessica Harlond-Kenny… more »

  • ArtsHub review: Hachiko

    14th April 2014

    MONDAY 14 APRIL, 2014

    50 minutes of puppets, pathos and devotion in a heart-warming celebration of a dog who waited…. more »

  • World Puppetry Day 21st March 2014

    21st March 2014

    World Puppetry Day celebrates the immeasurable joy that puppetry has brought to all cultures over thousands of years. Spare Parts Puppet Theatre takes a moment to applaud the artists, the artisans, the audiences and the puppets on this very special day… more »

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Hachiko || April

A moving story about loyalty and resilience, Hachiko celebrates the remarkable joy an animal can bring to our lives.

Hachiko and his Master, Professor Ueno, had a daily routine: every morning the pair travelled to Shibuya train station and every evening Hachiko would wait on the platform to meet his master.

Then one day, the Professor did not return… but that didn’t stop faithful Hachiko! For the next nine years, he returned to the train station at the precise time the train was due waiting for his master to return.


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